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Delegating Tasks Is Essential

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Delegating tasks to employees can be an essential part of an executive’s duties as handling multi-million dollar deals.

“You want to foster employee involvement and employee empowerment to enable your team members to contribute their best effort at work,” said human resources expert Susan M. Heathfield. “These tips for successful delegation of authority will help you help your reporting staff members succeed when they are most empowered.”

  • When delegating work, give employees a whole task to complete when possible. If you can’t give the employee a whole task, make sure they understand the overall purpose of the project or task. Staff members contribute most effectively when they are aware of the big picture.
  • Make sure the employee understands what you want them to do. Ask questions, watch the work performed, or have the employee give you feedback to make sure your instructions were understood.
  • If you have a picture of what a successful outcome will look like, share your picture with the staff so they understand your expectations.
  • Identify the key points of the project or dates when you want feedback about progress. You need assurance that the delegated task or project is on track.
  • Identify the measurements you will use to determine that the project was successfully completed.
  • Determine, in advance, how you will reward the employee for their successful completion of the task or project you delegated.

“Successful delegation of authority as a leadership style takes time and energy, but it’s worth the time and energy to help employee involvement and employee empowerment succeed as a leadership style,” Heathfield said.

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