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Climbing The Corporate Ladder

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Climbing the corporate ladder is an ongoing process that could take years to reach your ultimate goal. To help keep executives moving up the rungs, AllBusiness.com offers these tips:

1. Get advice from the top. Be on the lookout for successful individuals whose judgment you respect. Ask them for advice on what you need to do to be successful in your career plan. Listen carefully.

2. Step up and get involved. The best way to raise your visibility within the company may be to step outside the confines of your position and become involved in other projects, ideally projects that involve many departments. This exposes you to other people in the organization and allows you to flex your leadership muscles.

3. Build your credibility. Most people want to work with somebody they trust and respect. To become that person, you need to build positive, trusting relationships with others in your company. Communicate clearly and effectively with your coworkers and listen carefully when others speak. Be sure to follow through on your promises. Be careful not to play favorites and avoid taking sides.

4. Remember those below you. Part of the measure of your success is how you are able to help those under you identify and nurture the latent capabilities inside themselves. If everyone in your department has a desire to grow, you will be more likely to accomplish the goals you’ve set out for yourself and for the team.

5. Speak up. Charisma is an art that can be learned. Developing your social and public speaking skills can help you to succeed. Anyone can volunteer to speak to service clubs and civic organizations. These opportunities will help you hone your oratory skills and become a better public speaker.

6. Variety is vital. Try different job assignments, projects, and development processes. In so doing, you learn to become more flexible and willing to step away from that which is easy and certain of success, to take on new challenges.

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