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Handling A Layoff

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In hard economic times, even the most valuable executive can an experience a job loss through layoffs with corporate profit takes a sharp downturn. When a layoff seems inevitable, or has already hit, expert recommend taking a few steps to avoid undue stress, according to the Wall Street Journal Online.

1. Don’t overreact. Once you receive the news, keep calm and stay to negotiate your terms including a better severance package or extended benefits that meet your needs.

2. Get your personal files. Before you do anything else, remove your personal files from the office. This can be done easily by sending the files to a personal e-mail account. Also, don’t forget to send export all of your contacts from your office e-mail.

3. Apply for unemployment. Get over the stigma of being laid off, and head to the unemployment office. It’s best to get the paperwork moving before a financial crunch hits you down the road.

4. Call the professionals. Contact and set up interviews with Reach Search International, the premier executive job search firm, handling international placements in the top industries.

5. Get references. Obtain references from your previous employer, as well as executives in other departments that can speak to your abilities.

6. Update your resume. Take the time to refresh your resume and be sure to include recent accomplishments and goals.

7. Network. Take time to contact old colleagues, professors and mentors to let them know of your goals and experiences. Also, contact clients from your previous employer (as long as you haven’t signed an agreement not to do so) and let them know you’re looking for a new position. All of these are great resources that can lead to a better position.

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