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How to build Company Morale

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In a time when company layoffs are prevalent due to the economic state of our country, how do managers increase company morale with their current employees? Positive affirmation is an easy and quick way to boost your employees’ sense of value in your company. A simple recognition of a job well done or a pat on the back can give assurance to your employees who may be concerned about their current state of employment. During times when employees feel overwhelmed and buried in work, a simple copy machine problem can seem like the last straw. Companies should have a team that maintains office equipment and supplies in order to not add any additional stress to their employees. If an employee has a computer problem or a simple request for a special pen, companies that take the extra step to provide amenities and have a quick process to take care of technical problems will have a much more efficient and happy workforce.

Some easy steps to increase company morale are as follows:

  1. Acknowledge a job well done
  2. Celebrate a birthday, even if you just have the office sign a card
  3. Make sure office equipment is running smoothly and efficiently
  4. Remain equitable
  5. Managers with an open door policy can usually solve problems before they are out of control
  6. Offer incentives such as Bagel Fridays or Casual Fridays
  7. Promote company gatherings such as a holiday party or family picnic
  8. Share your company’s goal with the team and offer a reward if the goal is met
  9. Smile

The best way to promote company morale is to make your employees feel like they are part of the team. Have morning team pep talks, team training meetings, or team outings. Creative and innovative reward programs can excite your employees and foster a competitive spirit. Some incentive tools might include: offering an extra holiday for the employee with the greatest number of days worked in row, send sales employees on a vacation if they met quota, have a lottery drawing for the top performers, etc, etc. You know your team the best, so cater your incentives to what you know your employees would like. Above all, have a good attitude because you are the biggest promoter of high morale in your company.

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