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Automation Key To Pharmaceutical Growth

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Automation can be the answer for future growth in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors, suggests an industry analysis.

Faced with tighter margins and regulatory issues, automation and software improvements can help pharmaceutical manufacturers produce drugs at a lower cost and at a faster pace, according to Frost & Sullivan’s “Strategic Analysis of the Automation and Software Solutions in the World Pharmaceutical Markets.”

“The gradual exit of blockbuster drugs and the introduction of generic ones have increased the pressure on profit margins, compelling manufacturers to produce specialized potent drugs that are difficult to replicate and need to be produced in smaller quantities,” notes Sanjeev R. Sridharan, Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst. “As this necessitates the production of multiple products on the same equipment, companies are increasingly employing automation and software solutions.

“The key success factor for automation companies is to establish long-term partnership with pharmaceutical customers,” said Sanjeev. “Even as pharmaceutical customers look for standardization, automation companies need to grow aggressively with their customers as they expand globally.”

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