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Build Solid Relationships with Doctors

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Pharmaceutical executives must build a strong sales force by building a bridge to a strong and lasting relationship with doctors, advise industry experts.

“U.S. pharma companies’ field forces have swelled to more than 80,000 reps — a 31 percent jump in the last two years alone — yet doctors’ available time is fixed or shrinking,” advises a report from Pharmaceutical Executive magazine.

Responding to a national study, doctors revealed a wish list of information pharmaceutical executives should address in training a viable sales force:

  • More balanced information
  • More clinical comparisons
  • Surveys what others in the medical community think
  • Information on new clinical data, formulary updates, new uses for products, etc.
  • Access to journal articles, unbiased educational opportunities
  • Patient discounts for medications through coupons, discounts cards, or indigent programs
  • Continuing medical education

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