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Customer Centric Marketing

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Shifting needs of consumers challenges Marketing Executives

Integrated, customer-centric strategies employed by Marketing Executives can influence a corporation’s bottom line.

“Companies with integrated marketing strategies, processes and structures benefit from strengthened brand equity, increased sales and market share, increased customer loyalty and overall improved economic performance.” according to the report “Empowering Corporate Marketing: Building a Customer-Centric Organization” recently released by Best Practices, LLC.

The report reveals practices for optimizing marketing strategy, structure, process and customer relationship management of both general marketing and solutions business models: Whereas marketers reaching out to general audiences often benefit from their brand image and solid consumer relationships, marketers promoting solutions can offer more complex product and service bundles but target mainly C-level key customer decision makers.

Key practices for creating a structure that supports an integrated marketing approach include:

  • Set key product strategies at the franchise level to define worldwide brand identity
  • Structure a marketing organization to connect sales, R&D and customers to remain customer-focused and provide consistent brand identityC

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