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How to Find Your Career Calling

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Everyone has a calling in life. Each person’s calling is unique and in alliance with their distinct personality, traits and talents. Throughout your life, you may have chosen a job based on convenience or maybe based off of compensation. But if you ignore your personal dreams when choosing these jobs you will most likely be left feeling unhappy and dissatisfied. Your career calling may not be the most lucrative thing you had in mind and this is oftentimes one of the reasons why it is overlooked. When you operate in your calling, you will have a deep sense of peace and an overwhelming feeling of personal satisfaction. You will most likely exceed the expectations of this position and also feel content and fulfilled in your job. There is no reason to sit back and let life pass you by. Use the following steps to guide you to discovering and pursuing your career calling today:

  1. List your lifelong hopes and dreams. Don’t limit them by your current circumstances but instead include everything that you hope to accomplish in your life. Your career should help you nurture those desires because they are important factors in identifying your career calling.
  2. As you look back over your life and evaluate where you are now, determine the clues you’ve been given to help you understand your dream occupation. Consider the things, people, causes or situations that have brought you joy and satisfaction, and have provided personal significance and meaning to you.
  3. Identify the areas where you would like to see your life make a difference, and for what you would like to be remembered. Ask yourself what you care about so much that you could willingly dedicate your time and energy to.
  4. List the memorable moments that have thus far shaped your life. Is there a pattern of opportunities that have arisen?
  5. When you are fulfilling your career calling, time can easily slip away because you become so focused on what you care about most. What might that be?
  6. Brainstorm what you would do if you had the time, money, effort, energy, and passion to do whatever you want. Let your imagination run wild.
  7. Interview a family member and a close friend. Ask them what subjects they notice that you bring up most often and are passionate about. Now compare their responses to the list you made in the previous step. Are there any similarities of areas of focus?
  8. Assess your natural talents, skills and strengths for evidence of your career calling. Are there any patterns, indicators or themes that would make you highly superior in a certain profession?
  9. Take a personality assessment to determine how best to fulfill your career calling. This information will be quite valuable when applying to that dream company for your dream job.
  10. Identify other people who seem to be operating in a career that is similar to your calling. Research the steps they took get there.
  11. List the names of people you believe may have a stake in your career calling, and what you will do to solicit their help in pursuing your career calling.

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