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1 In 5 Workers Job Hunting

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Of those exploring new employment, the reasons breakdown into four categories:

  • 48 percent of workers cite better pay and/or career advancement opportunities
  • 11 percent are electing to change careers
  • 9 percent are retiring
  • 6 percent plan to start their own business

In addition, a study found that half of employers plan to increase salaries on initial offers to new employees.

Key factors influencing employees’ decision to look for new opportunities include:

  • 33 percent are dissatisfied with their pay
  • 26 percent did not receive a raise in the 6 months of those that did, 1 in 5 were given an increase of 2 percent or less)
  • 67 percent did not receive a bonus
  • 35 percent are dissatisfied with career advancement opportunities provided by their current employers
  • 85 percent did not receive a promotion
  • 26 percent felt they were overlooked
  • 27 percent are dissatisfied with work/life balance
  • 45 percent report their workloads have increased over the last six months
  • 33 percent are dissatisfied with training and on-the-job learning opportunities

For those corporations looking to lure away dissatisfied workers from other jobs, the study reported that respondents are looking at four primary criteria: Good career advancement opportunities, company stability in the market, good work culture, and flexible schedules.

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